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New Payment Plan !!

(for all non-prepaid invoices)

Beginning March 1, 2007, we will start a new billing/payment plan for those customers that want or have Open Accounts.  This plan is called: 

 %Rebate-15 Net-30 Plan

If you go to the Accounting Forms page, you can download a description of this new plan.

Simply put, as you build your payment history, each day beginning with the Invoice Date that you get your payment back to us up to the 15th day, you get a % of the Invoice Item Costs of that Invoice as a Rebate as Credit into your account - to be used for anything in the future that you want it to be used for.

The sooner we get your payment up to the 15th day, the higher the Rebate Credit is given (calculated per/day).  After the 15th day, you do not get any Rebates but the balance is due by the 30th day from invoicing date.

Late or Partial Payments will disqualify that account from receiving any Rebates for the next 90 days or at least 3 PROMPTLY paid invoices - whichever is longer in time. 

The sooner you pay, the better your Rebate Credits.

Rebate Credits applied will never expire and can used at any time.  No refund checks will be issued for Rebate Credits.

Rebate Rates will vary based upon each individual account and its payment history.  Therefore, we do not publish Rebate Rates.

If you wish to be included in this plan, please fill out a current Credit Application form and check the box to apply for the $Rebate-15 Net-30 Plan.

PLEASE NOTE !  -  All non-prepaid invoice accounts will be charged an additional accounting surcharge of 8% of the invoice total (including shipping charges).  If the invoice balance is  paid-in-full before or by the 15th day after invoice date, this surcharge will be rebated into their account.  See Annoucement Supplement Page for more details.


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