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 Where possible, we stock many part numbers to fill orders minimum time; but, because of the variations of styles and models, we cannot possibly stock every part.  In fact, most manufacturing facilities do NOT stock all their items all the time - just because of the variances in what parts are ordered over large periods of time.

If we do not stock the item you want quoted, we will quote the minimum amount of time necessary to process an order  - and, then, we might suggest another quantity for you to consider to save you all that we can.


  1. OUR PART # (if possible)
  2. FULL DESCRIPTION include size info (in case of close dimensions of other parts)    (ie. .125 hole x 1.2 length x .4 head)
  3. Quantity being quoted for this quotation (remember minimums usually start around 1M - ie. 1,000 pieces)
  4. Annual Usage estimation (give this quantity and we will also quote an annual order price - allowing for Scheduled Release Shipments and better prices)
  5. Enter up to 3 different part numbers and information you may need to quote.  If you need more than this, you should submit a separate QUOTE FORM for every 3 items being quoted.
  6. Comment Block - ENTER that you are sending us the additional following information.
  • If you have a quotation or invoice from a competitor, e-mail or FAX us a copy IF you want us to see if we can beat that price - we will do our best to give you better prices without this - but having this will allow us to negotiate with production if that would enable us to give you a better price, also.
  • or, you need us to consider any special handling or ordering specifications:  such as, a color that is not listed or normally not in the catalog lists.  (We can provide many colors for a surcharge and longer delivery times - just ask).
  • or, you want special delivery times - if normal delivery on the quotation is not within your schedule (sometimes we can get supply shipments moved forward IF the quantities are high enough to make production change normal production schedules.  This may or may not require a surcharge - depending upon how critical you state this schedule change may be to you and to our production facilities manager.)


Quotes will be for the part numbers and amounts requested.  If smaller or larger quantities are desired, you must submit another QUOTE FORM so that we can calculate inventories and shipment information - as well as give you the lowest possible price for the quantities you are now requesting.  Shipments of less than those quoted will not be made without an adjusted QUOTE from us specifying that amount and delivery.


Request a QUOTE (online)



See our ORDER HINTS PAGE for more information on orders.


When it is time to order SAMPLES or your QUOTED part numbers, please go to our SAMPLES HINTS PAGE to see our instructions there.  SAMPLES are treated as small orders and may also be made along with another part number .


If we can assist you in any way, please contact us by e-mail, FAX, or by phone.


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